School Leadership


Our Mission

At the School for Advanced Studies, our mission is to provide students with a world-class education rooted in the inherent joys of deep inquiry.

Our approach manifests through a rigorous and advanced curriculum centered on energetic civil discourse, seminar-style discussions, and authentic creative processes spanning various disciplines. All of this is facilitated by passionate educators with profound subject knowledge and diverse interests. 

Join us on a transformative educational journey, where the pursuit of knowledge is met with unbridled enthusiasm, critical thinking, and a spirit of discovery. Explore a new world of learning for grades 5-12 with the School for Advanced Studies.

Polymath Educational Management Company proudly manages the School for Advanced Studies.

The founders and leaders of the School for Advanced Studies are the same expert, veteran educators and school administrators known for incredible success and outcomes at the renowned BASIS Charter Schools network. With years of experience in education and a commitment to high-level academic excellence, the team behind the School for Advanced Studies is dedicated to operating truly innovative schools that deliver outstanding academic results.