Introducing Ian Dapkewicz:

English and History Teacher

Ian Dapkewicz

Welcome Ian Dapkewicz!

Ian Dapkewicz is excited to share his passion for reading, learning, and asking questions. The ethos of the School for Advanced Studies Northwest Arkansas presents the perfect opportunity to continue his lifelong pursuit of learning around dedicated and engaged learners which includes all of us!

Ian recently graduated from St. John’s College in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he studied philosophy, the history of mathematics and science, ancient Greek, French, and music theory. Having an insatiable desire to learn, Ian also attended summer programs at the University of Oxford in England (PPE – Philosophy, Politics and Economics) and Tallinn University of Estonia (film and media).

Ian’s passion for learning was elevated in the discussion style classes offered at St. John’s. No longer confined to a standard model of education, the pursuit of knowledge became a social endeavor. Active participation was encouraged in a community of engaged learners. In a curriculum that made it an imperative to return to the necessary and fundamental acts of writing, speaking, listening, and demonstrating, the walls separating novice from expert were torn down, and every subject presented itself as learnable.

In his free time, Ian can be found watching films, working through philosophical problems, reading good books, or learning about the history of the world. If he were to list his  essentials to living a good life it would include long walks, spending time and conversing with family and friends, good coffee, books, and a journal to write in.

He is looking forward to sharing his own knowledge and experiences while also learning from every member of the school, including the students!