Welcome to the School for Advanced Studies

The conversation between students and teachers is the heart of our school. The lively and respectful exchange of ideas elevates everyone.

The highest performing, tuition-free, charter school network in America is redefining American Education…again.

The School for Advanced Studies offers an advanced curriculum to prepare students in grades 5-12 for a successful transition to the college of their choice.

Join us on a transformative educational journey, where the pursuit of knowledge is met with unbridled enthusiasm, critical thinking, and a spirit of discovery. We encourage you to unlock your student’s full potential and explore a new world of learning for grades 5-12 with the School for Advanced Studies.

Prospective Parents, join us at an upcoming event.

Where to find us

The School for Advanced Studies Northwest Arkansas is a network of tuition-free, public charter schools. We are opening a campus in Rogers for the 2024-25 school year.

SAS School Building

School for Advanced Studies Northwest Arkansas

121 West Poplar Street
Rogers, Arkansas 72756