Introducing Samara Camyn:

Art Teacher

Welcome Samara Camyn!

Samara Camyn is a practicing artist based in Northwest Arkansas. She has a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and has achieved academic excellence in studio art from the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith.

With a strong foundation in graphic design and studio art, Samara has shared her knowledge and passion for art with students at Arts On Main for the past five years. She finds joy in sharing artistic techniques with her students, inspiring their creativity.

Her artistic skills are wide and varied, including fiber art, design, painting, illustration, photography, videography, installation art, and mixed media. She has always been enchanted by using art supplies, taking classes, and finding opportunities to participate in the art world.

Ms. Camyn also enjoys going to poetry slams, playing with her dog Sunny, and spending too much time on Pinterest. Her dream is to continue making artwork, teaching, and learning about art for the rest of her life!